I born with an idiot smile just like Chanyeol, my mother said that i’m to hyper more than a boy, i love to act an playing instrumental like, guitar, drum, piano, but i still learn at that thing, and i love to study and practice new language. I love imagination, i have alot of plan in future, for me, there is nothing imposible.

i am sinhyo, you can call me like that or nae, is alright too, i am born in solo,14 oct 2002. My hobby is, ehmm, you now right? PC is my life, music is the sugar of my life. yahh, i think thats enough to explain my self. Any question? if you want to ask, dont be shy, just ask anything you want.

i am multi fandom, but the most is EXO and snsd, and the other, is BTS, infinite, kara, t-ara, IU, BoA, shinee, f(x), RV and many more, i also like harry potter, is one of my favorite movie in my life, how about you? lets get closer more. So, we can to be a good friend.

by the way, my ultimate bias is, Sunny and chanyeol, but i also like Baekhyun, chen, suho, kyungsoo… or should i said that my bias is all of the member in exo and snsd >.< let see, who is your bias?

 .thanks.lets get closer.wanne be my friend?